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Just like the rest of your skin, your scalp ages too. An ageing scalp translates into much more than just grey hair. It contributes to brittle hair that matures slowly and delays hair growth. We use ingredients such as lavender and watercress to nourish your scalp and hair back to health. Ensure that your hair remains strong and nourished by using The Earth Collective’s anti-ageing products at the right time. While the products will not reverse the greyness of hair; but they will work in the roots for the growth of stronger and nourished locks.

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Ageing is a natural phenomenon that you need not be scared of. For some, it happens as early as in their 30s while for the rest of us it happens much later. But if we take care of our scalp with the right regimen and nourish our locks with the right formulas, the hair ain’t going anywhere soon with strong healthy roots to stick by. Choose your anti ageing hair care from the collection or you can reach us for personalised recommendations. We’re your hair specialists and we know what your hair truly needs.

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