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Oily Hair

Greasy and oily hair is one of the most common tropical hair concern! This kind of hair becomes greasy right from the scalp, and if not cleaned properly there can be scalp/hairline infections, as dirt sticks easily to such locks. Our products for oily hair only soak up the extra oil and do not rip off the natural oil balance. Using the recommended products will keep the scalp & hair clean, nourished and refreshed.

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Say goodbye to the dull days of oily, sticky hair with The Earth Collective’s range of rejuvenating & refreshing products. Be it oily scalp or oily hair, these formulas will give you your peg of healthy cleaning & freshness. You can choose from our collection of oily hair remedy & oily scalp treatment; or simply reach us, your hair specialists, and we’ll recommend to you the products that your hair truly needs.

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