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Leave-in Treatments


Get, Set, Go

Goji berry, Oat & Sunflower


Get, Set, Go

Goji berry, Oat & Sunflower

(399 customer ratings)


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The Earth Collective Hair Moisturizer is a moisturising lotion-like hair serum for everyday hair care. It provides hydration to your hair making it soft & also tames frizz. It’s non-sticky & gives you smooth & nourished hair throughout the day. This is a leave-in product that does not need to be washed off. Once applied, it adds a great shine and leaves behind a soothing fragrance.

This moisturizer is a UNISEX product and is great for styling your hair. But if you are looking to solve multi-fold problems, then this is your go-to product.

Quantity: 100ml
Delivery: 5-10 working days.
Country of Origin: India


  • Keeps hair frizz free
  • Nourishes hair
  • Hydrates inner follicle shafts 
  • Softens hair
  • Preps hair for styling
  • Protects from split ends
  • Reduces damage & dryness

Key Ingredients: 

  • Goji Berry – hailed as a “super-food for hair”. It is a fruit native to Asia that strengthens & protects the scalp, roots & hair.
  • Oat – rich in omega-6 fatty acids
  • Sunflower – is a natural moisturizer with several vitamins and minerals & Vitamin E that help to stimulate hair growth.


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How to use

Take a small amount of moisturiser on your palm. Rub both hands together to spread it. Distribute it evenly through the lengths of your damp or dry hair.

Do not use this product on oiled hair

Suitable for all hair types



For external use only. In case of irritation, discontinue use. Results may vary person to person.

Keep out of reach of children.

Formulations containing natural ingredients tend to change color over time. However, the product efficacy remains unchanged


Who it’s for

Anyone looking for a lightweight & non-greasy serum to keep hair moisturised. This product is best suited for all hair types.


Gojiberry Extract, Oats Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Propylene glycol, Glyceryl stearate, Cetostearyl alcohol, Phenyl Trimethicone,  Laureth 23, Triethanolamine, Lauryl Laurate, Acrylates, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Disodium Edetate, Fragrance, Purified water.

101 reviews for HAIR MOISTURIZER

  1. Deepa

    Came across this product online and it was been one of my favourites ever since my first purchase. So nice and light for my hair with a mild fragrance. I love it. I am on my third bottle and will surely buy again!

  2. Arti jain

    Magic for my hair!!!
    Why didn’t i find you sooner????
    It looks good, feel good and does good??

  3. Mira

    Have been loving this product. I use it like a leave-in conditioner and it really suits my hair!

  4. Ankita Mehra

    I literally dont need to think twice before skipping my conditioner if I have this product…This on its own makes my hair so soft and smooth without any fuzziness

  5. Kush

    This product is my favourite from TEC. I like to use it everyday.

  6. Aditi Haldar

    Amazing product. Has worked on my frizzy hair. Great smell and stays a long time. My suggestion- Go for it

  7. Archana

    This moisturiser is my absolute favourite. Scalp tonic and this one is the best.

  8. Sana Jain

    Loved this Hair moisturiser. I carry it everywhere with me. Solves my frizzy hair problem instantly.

  9. Alok

    Very convenient and easy to use. Keeps hair soft all day.

  10. Geetika Dhar

    It is a good product for hair. I like this better than the serum.

  11. Shahda Sayed

    I just love this product. I have dry hair and whenever I comb my hair, I used to lose a lot of hair, as it is very frizzy. Now when I comb my hair after applying this moisturiser, there is a huge difference

  12. Tina

    This helped keeping my hair nice and shiny..very easy to use

  13. Ranjit

    The firsy serum I have used with this texture and feels awesome.

  14. Sonal Jain

    Tames my dry and rough hair so well

  15. Tulika

    My go to product always. Just use this one and your hair is ready for the day

  16. Shailendra

    A much better product than the hair creams I used to use. Keeps my hair glossy and in place all day.

  17. Sonali

    First of all, so good to see some one thought of a moisturizer for hair. A much much needed product for dry hair folks like me. It keeps my hair moisturized and manageable all day.

  18. Preeti M

    Great product works well for my type of hair

  19. Sunny

    a few pumps of this one and I am good to go out and my hair looks wow..

  20. Priya

    Tames and Moisturizes my hair so well…

  21. Subhangi

    A few pumps and my hair is good to go for the entire day without flyaway. Has saved me from the unkempt looks.

  22. Bhabna

    I am using this for quite some time now. It works as serum and sets my hair also sooooo well.Forget Chemical setting Sprays use this natural product.

  23. Naina

    I am in love with this hair moisturizer. My absolute favorite from TEC.

  24. Monisha Agarwal

    I keep one bottle always in my bag.Whenever I need to set my hair this is is my all time favorite.

  25. Sweta

    I am just in love with this product. Initially, the name fascinated me but it does moisturize the hair so well.

  26. Nikita

    The best part is it can be used in dry or wet hair both so easily. Keeps hair in place.

  27. Rajpal

    A Moisturizer for hair I think is unique with TEC only. And once I started using it I felt it’s the ultimate product.

  28. Karan

    Has been a good replacement to the gels I used earlier.

  29. Deepa

    It’s a Unique product for the mild fragrance

  30. Simi

    This is a good alternative to a regular serum. I like the textures so much as its not like those sticky serum

  31. Poulami

    This moisturizer is love…

  32. Anisha

    I use this as a serum, heat protectant and styling as well. Works well in all ways.

  33. Shipra

    I use it before using my dyson and it does a wonderful job.

  34. Sayani

    Very unique serum by TEC.Nice creamy texture but non sticky. Hair feels nice.

  35. Laxmi

    very easy to use

  36. Aruna

    This manage,moisturize,tames my hair so well..No other product can replace this.

  37. Anupama

    Love to use this everyday on both my dry and wet hair

  38. Rehana

    I am using this for few months after I heard a great review from a friend. It sets my hair well..effect is very nice

  39. Gomati

    Very very unique and effective product.the creamy texture moisturizes my hair without stickiness

  40. Nandita Jain

    This is hands down the best product by The Earth Collective.

  41. Jashan

    Keeps my dull dry unruly hair in place. My husband also use this..

  42. Baibhavi

    I used this product for the first time after my shower this afternoon and wow! I’m impressed, it left my hair smelling wonderful and it made my hair super soft and manageable.

  43. Sapna

    Awesome product .. seen the difference on my dry hair … its has become soft, smooth..

  44. Harpreet

    I have tried so many hair serums and trying out this one was probably the best choice for my hair.I thought it would make my hair feel greasy but after using it I’m so happy.

  45. Sumitra

    10/10 recommend!

  46. Aashma

    This is one of the best products of TEC

  47. Bhabna

    Beautiful serum.

  48. Sofia MD

    This is something different than a serum. .Makes my hair soft and manageable

  49. Parna Das

    Adds a nice shine and defines my style. My husband is also hooked to it.

  50. Bobby

    TEC hair care never dissapoints !

  51. Charu

    Feels moisturized.

  52. Shama

    Works for natural styling

  53. Arunima

    The best product by this brand.

  54. Kapil

    I use it almost everyday. Not greasy or sticky.

  55. Shefalika

    Awesome product .. seen the difference on my dry hair from the very first use …

  56. Ellie

    It is kickass.Loved it!Works wonders.

  57. Sameera

    I was sick of hair that frizzes in damp or humid weather. This product has put an end to it.

  58. M Reddy

    Very different.

  59. Sanjana


  60. Shalini

    It is amazing post styling, because it gives your hair this amazing shine. 10/10 recommend!

  61. Avanish

    Great for Men! Works well on dry and wet both hair

  62. Zubeda

    love it

  63. Meenu

    Very different serum

  64. Arina

    Totally loved it fully recommended.

  65. Sravana

    This was recommended to me to soothe my dry silver gray hair.It has been fantastic! the moisturizing cream has pleasant scent and keeps hair in place.

  66. Sarmishtha

    quite useful

  67. Varna

    Use it on and off and feels good.

  68. Sofia

    It is very useful

  69. Anindita

    I mostly use this before heat styling and gives a nice, natural hold to the hair.

  70. Jayashree


  71. Bhumika

    I use this as a substitute for serum. Works pretty well.

  72. Kalyani M

    Beautiful texture unlike the sticky serums.

  73. Adarsh

    Great for Men with dry hair!

  74. Rupal

    I like the creamy texture.

  75. Nitu

    I used to use serum which worsened my hair and maid it look clumpy so tried this cream based moisturizer and believe me this is soooo good.I am lifetime user of this now..

  76. Lipika

    love it and have recommended to so many. TEC, you should give me additional referral benefits.

  77. Vaishali

    It’s a go to product for me. I reach out for it almost every time I have to step out.

  78. Leela

    Good Product

  79. Pratyusha

    By natural my hairs are silky…I use this to set my hair

  80. Anyesha

    It has a permanent space of my dresser as me and my husband both love it.

  81. Shaheen

    Awsome product .. seen the difference on my limp, dry hair. Did not weigh it down and controlled static also.

  82. Praveena

    Totally loved it fully recommended.

  83. Shaheena

    Absolutely necessary thing for hair.

  84. Anjani


  85. Parash

    It’s amazing. Would totally recommend it

  86. Madhu

    Moistures hair perfectly

  87. Rachana

    Did not like it much. Its fine.

  88. Monisha

    Its very different hair product from TEC which you cant find with any other brand. It’s a hair lotion which has made my hair feel softer.

  89. Karthika

    As I stay in a dry climate this is very useful for me to keep my hair moisturized

  90. Jamini

    Very nice hair cream

  91. Pritisha

    I have used it just once but I can tell it’s amazing product I have really dry frizzy curly hair..did wonders to my hair feels soft smooth .

  92. Ketki

    This has to be the hero product by the earth collective for sure

  93. Gouthami

    I use it as a heat protectant too and hair sets well with it

  94. Urvashi

    Just in love with this product ….

  95. Noopur

    It helps to comb frizzy hair without tangles and breakage.

  96. Gurpreet

    A quick fix for the hair. Wish they had a smaller pack to carry in purse. Hope you are listening TEC.

  97. Reshma

    A little goes a long way.

  98. Binny

    Lotion for hair. It’s interesting.

  99. Subha

    The product is fine but it contains artificial fragrance after applying it triggered my headache… people who are allergic to fragrance pls stay away…nice formulation but why you people are adding fragrance in leave on product… fragrance are endocrine distrupturs womens are facing lot of hormonal issues because of it…. I never ever buy anything from ur brand ….for me it is a total waste of 900rupess ….

  100. Himani

    It is like a hair lotion. Does the job.

  101. Rani

    Makes your hair soft without sticky heavy feeling. Works pretty as a heat protectant too.

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  • Keeps hair frizz free
  • Nourishes hair
  • Hydrates inner follicle shafts
  • Preps hair for styling
  • Protects from split ends
  • Reduces damage & dryness


Do I need to use this only after I wash my hair?

No, you can use this anytime you like! It will absorb quickly even on dry unwashed hair.

Can men use this?

Absolutely. The Hair Moisturizer is a unisex product that works great for everyone and all hair types.

Can I apply this on my scalp?

No, The Hair Moisturizer is only for your hair strands. So you can't apply this on my scalp

How is it different from a hair serum?

Hair serum is used on damp hair only after a hair wash. It helps maintain the natural oil balance of the hair. It works best for very dry and frizzy hair. Whereas, a hair moisturizer can be used daily, even on unwashed & dry hair. It can be used on all hair types. It is a non-oily, deep nourishing lotion that hydrates the hair.

Is it a leave-in conditioner?

Yes, it is quite similar to a leave-in conditioner that you don’t need to wash off after use.


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