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Leave-in Treatments

Scalp Tonic

A Multi-purpose Scalp Serum

Ashwagandha, Jojoba & Multi-Vitamins

Scalp Tonic

A Multi-purpose Scalp Serum

Ashwagandha, Jojoba & Multi-Vitamins

(408 customer ratings)

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Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. The Earth Collective Scalp Tonic is a hydrating toner & scalp energizer that soothes the scalp.
This tonic adds that extra dose of nourishment right into your scalp. But for some specific scalp concerns, this can be your go-to product which can be used daily. 

It is a UNISEX product that is best suited for:
Hair Type: All
Scalp Type: Normal | Oily | Dry | Hair fall

This product is also available in a trial-sized Mini (10 ml). Ideal for testing the suitability & efficacy of a specific product on your hair and scalp, or if you’re looking for a travel-friendly option!

Quantity: 10ml | 100ml
Delivery: 5-10 working days.
Country of Origin: India


  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Controls mild hair fall
  • Restores the pH balance
  • Reduces dryness and itchiness
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Soothes the scalp

Key Ingredients 

  • Ashwagandha – one of the prized herbs of Ayurveda that helps to restore the PH balance of the scalp
  • Jojoba – native to Sonoran Desert in North America, rich in Vitamins & minerals
  • Multi-vitamins – provide optimum nourishment to hair & scalp


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10ml, 100ml

How to use

Take a few drops of the scalp tonic in your palm and gently massage on the scalp till it absorbs. Apply the scalp tonic after shampooing or before bed time.



For external use only. In case of irritation, discontinue use. Results may vary person to person.

Keep out of reach of children.

Formulations containing natural ingredients tend to change color over time. However, the product efficacy remains unchanged


Who is it for

Everyone! As it a complete nourishment for the scalp. 


Aswagandha Extract, Niacinamide & Calcium Pantothenate & Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate & Tocopheryl Acetate & Pyridoxine HCl & Maltodextrin & Sodium Starch Octenylsuccinate & Silica(multi-vitamin complex), Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters, Glycerine, Propylene glycol, D Pantheno , Polysorbate 20, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Disodium Edetate, Fragrance, Purified water

102 reviews for Scalp Tonic

  1. Shivam

    This product has been a life saver for my dry scalp. It has also helped me with my hairball. I use it every night and it is not at all greasy or heavy. Very light and nourishing. Will buy it again!

  2. Anu

    I hate to oil my hair and scalp. And this product is such a great replacement to oiling your hair. It surely made my scalp less itchy, helped with my dandruff issues and overall my scalp very hydrated.

  3. Kush

    This Scalp tonic has reduced my hair fall to a great extent.

  4. Arunika

    This product is magical! It’s just been two weeks and my hairfall has reduced drastically! It’s super light weight and watery, doesn’t make my hair oily at all! Absolutely love it. I’ve recommended it to over 5 family members. Do try it out.

  5. Esha

    I love this product. It’s such a unique formulation. It doesn’t make my hair oily. My hair looks lustrous and feels healthy.

  6. Mukesh

    It is a saviour for someone like me who doesn’t like oil. Finally, something non sticky for my scalp.

  7. Archana

    Can’t do without this scalp tonic. Must buy!

  8. Sana Jain

    Another must have from TEC. It is so soothing and calming for the scalp.

  9. Aman

    This scalp tonic is amazing specially in hot climate.

  10. Kalpana

    Does all that it says. Scalp has never felt better.

  11. Nayeem

    An effective product which has reduced my hairfall a lot.

  12. Anupriya

    I am addicted to this tonic.

  13. Shailendra

    I used to use oil everyday after bath which did not feel good but was a habit. Ever since I found this tonic, my issue is solved. It is light, non sticky and feels reallllly good.

  14. Puja

    A healthy Scalp is the key of healthy hair….and its so easy to get that healthy scalp with this Scalp tonic.

  15. Sreerupa

    Its non oily,non sticky….I use this every day in hair care routine.

  16. Reshma

    This non sticky leave in serum of TEC works like magic on scalp.It absorbs so nicely & no need to rinse off

  17. Rajashekhar

    I have been using this serum for quite some time. I have noticed that my hair fall has reduced a lot with it. It feels nice on the scalp.

  18. Jagdish

    Non Sticky non Oily..simple application..makes my roots stronger

  19. Manshi

    I use this almost every the mild scent.It nourishes up my roots and scalp too

  20. Ramiya

    I use this everyday and go care free of about my scalp problem. It has resolved my itchy scalp and hair fall problems.

  21. Fatima

    This is in my everyday night-time ritual. I am hooked to this tonic.

  22. Nandini

    This is the only product that I found which concentrates on scalp care and solves the problem from the roots.

  23. Madhu

    This Amazing tonic of TEC really help to reduce my hair fall. TEC has made scalp care so simple and easy.

  24. Vina Sharma

    This tonic changed my scalp from itchy n flakey to healthy and clean… Scalp feels good and nourished

  25. Samaya

    My scalp never felt that healthy before. A blessing for ones who do not like oil and no more waiting for weekends to oil.

  26. Uma Nair

    Finally a Scalp Serum which is non sticky.

  27. Shusmita

    I was looking for some easy to use product for my hair fall.Recommended by TEC this Scalp Tonic is easy to use and yes effective also

  28. Rajshree

    very good consistency. Scalp feels nice.

  29. Rachita

    This is making my scalp healthier day by day. I almost forgot that I had itchy, dry scalp once upon a time.

  30. Doly

    It just takes me less than 5 minutes to use this every night and I am done with my regular scalp care.Enriched with Ashwagandha this gives my root new strength.

  31. Joyi

    Such a lovely product. Much needed for ones with dry, itchy scalp.

  32. Rajat

    One friend recommended this tonic for my scalp acne. Has relieved me of this issue and no build up also.

  33. Sayak

    Effective product which reduced my hair-fall. Results were pretty quick.

  34. Purti

    Very effective and one bottle last for long

  35. Rinku Prakash

    I massage my scalp with few drops of this every night and that’s it… hair fall has reduced but I am still using it as it has made my scalp itching also go away

  36. Somlata

    Very good tonic for scalp..

  37. Neetu

    Roots have become stronger for sure.

  38. Juli

    I am using this for last one year and noticed some amazing changes in my hair.
    1: Hair fall gone
    2: No buildup or acne on Scalp
    3: Dandruff gone
    Such a multipurpose tonic by TEC

  39. Vasudha

    I was searching for a scalp serum from long back and I ordered this just to check but it did not disappoint me. Go with this without second thought !!

  40. Richa

    I love it!!

  41. Lina Roy

    Have been using the serum for over a year. Easy to apply and is non sticky.

  42. Shama

    Really a nice tonic.

  43. Shamiksha

    Been so obsessed with this scalp serum and the quality of the product that I’m looking forward in trying the full range of TEC

  44. Vimla Pradhan

    It is totally a life saver for scalp

  45. Sanju

    I bought this product twice. Its good

  46. Ranjan

    Cooling tonic for scalp. Feels wonderful

  47. Anima

    Good product.. Has relieved my scalp dryness.

  48. Parag

    Good scalp treatment.

  49. Tarana

    Regular use shows effect

  50. Arijit

    Good for less hair fall and itchy scalp

  51. Mini

    Good product.. results may vary person to person, but effective in hair fall control

  52. Madhvi

    Scalp feels fresh.

  53. Sheela

    This was good for my scalp.I felt a change.

  54. Neena

    Scalp tonic feels hydrating specially during these summer season.

  55. Harshita

    Scalp tonic is very good.

  56. Lipi

    I prefer using at night as it makes my scalp slightly oily during the day.

  57. Lali

    It’s a must buy product..

  58. Raji

    Had been using it for months and no problem in hair fall

  59. Aanchal

    The product is good.

  60. Anshul

    Finally I got rid of itchy scalp with this

  61. Mitu

    This tonic goes into the roots and prevents hair problems.Only product I found that takes care of the scalp and strengthen hair strands

  62. Renuka

    Great product

  63. Bandita

    It has only been a few weeks but I have noticed a difference already in the overall condition of my scalp.

  64. Sumani

    I like using something on my scalp after wash to prevent dryness. Used to use a few drops of oil then came across this tonic. This feels so much better and cooler.

  65. Sonali

    I got this toner because of all the positive reviews and it is good for sure

  66. Ishita Katiyar

    My scalp became itching with the massive increase of dandruff on my scalp. Made the dandruff worse.

  67. Anisha

    My roots used to hurt as I always keep my hair tied up. After I started using this it’s a relief.

  68. Abhijit

    This scalp tonic is a saviour in this hot, humid climate specially if you want to skip oiling.

  69. Manjari

    I have flaky scalp.It is effective for me.

  70. Srijita

    Very good scalp serum

  71. Tapan

    Scalp feels so nice. No dryness and itchiness of scalp.

  72. Manami

    Try once, its helpful.

  73. Nalini


  74. Sudarshana

    This product has made my hair stronger, less prone to hair fall.

  75. Dalia

    One of the best innovation in beauty

  76. Sunny

    Its not tacky at all. Simple to use and good for scalp. Try it.

  77. Leesha

    This product is very good and I am using this from a long time. It has helped on dry scalp.

  78. Subhra

    This little bottle goes a long.Only few drops are enough for one time

  79. Piyama

    Ingredients that are nutrient rich and is evident from the results. Good tonic.

  80. Heema

    Love it use it everyday

  81. Sampriti

    Perfect for scalp

  82. Monisha

    Fantastic product..Five stars

  83. Ayushi Dantre

    Bought this for itchy scalp. Usually my scalp starts itching within 2 days after shampooing. I applied it once after shampooing and no itch till the next wash which was 4-5 days later. Very effective. Amazing product.

  84. Bibha

    Prompt delivery,Product is worth money

  85. Rachita

    I have bought it second time. Happy.

  86. Banani

    Excellent innovation.

  87. Reema

    A scalp serum that removed my dryness and itchiness.

  88. Punita

    Its not oily or thicky, its cool, watery hair tonic, easy to apply and feels good.

  89. Sarbani

    It’s a safe option. You can trust this product for scalp care and hair fall

  90. Shalu

    Easy care of my scalp

  91. Heera

    Very good scalp serum

  92. Kushi

    Its not oily and serves better than oil

  93. Sarita

    Nice one…love as its not oily

  94. Sanskruti

    I am regular user of this product.After a long time found a good product with excellent packaging 

  95. Neeli

    A perfect oil replacement.

  96. Sagarika

    Using it for 5 months now.I have the whole kit with shampoo and conditioner and mask.Works great on my hair

  97. Vinny

    So happy that it reduced hair fall effortlessly. If you are someone on the run and can’t spend time on home remedies, this is the best solution.

  98. Jyoti

    The dandruff and itchiness i was facing before is no more there.

  99. Somani

    It’s good but makes scalp slightly oily after 2-3 days.

  100. Sarmin

    One of the best scalp serums.

  101. Minisha

    With squite a few hair tonics it is quite confusing. I have tried a few but this remains my fav.

  102. Zara

    helped a lot with dry flakes.

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Benefits of

  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Controls mild hair fall
  • Restores the pH balance
  • Reduces dryness and itchiness
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Soothes the scalp


Do I need to use this only after I wash my hair?

No. The Scalp Tonic is a non-greasy Scalp Serum and can be applied anytime.

Can men use this product?

Yes. This product can be used by members of all genders, with all hair types.

How frequently should I use this?

You can apply the scalp tonic daily or as and when required.

Can I apply this on my hair?

No. This product is meant to be massaged directly into your scalp.

How is it different from a hair oil?

Hair Oils are used before you wash your hair and tend to be greasy. Whereas our Scalp Tonic is a non-greasy scalp serum that does not need to be washed off.

How is it different from Hair Density Tonic?

The Hair density tonic is a treatment product for ones facing extreme hair fall and issues of hair growth. Whereas the Scalp Tonic is multi-purpose scalp toner that can be a part of your daily regime. It tackles concerns like itchiness, dryness and mild hair fall. Scalp Tonic is a regular use product whereas the Hair Density Tonic is a targeted treatment use product.


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