Benefits of jojoba for hair and scalp


Are you tired of finding ways to tame your dry and frizzy hair? You’re not alone! Whether it’s the dry winter season or the harsh summers or the moody monsoon, there are many things, including too much shampooing, that can rob your hair of its natural moisture and disturb the pH balance. If you are stressing over how to mend your hair, fret not! We have good news for your troubled tresses. The goodness of jojoba will get to the root of the problem as well as the scalp and give you a reason to let your hair down.

To keep your hair healthy and happy, make jojoba part of your daily hair care routine. Whether your tired strands are in need of moisture or nutrients, jojoba, native to Sonoran desert in North America, has the power to keep your hair woes at bay. Rich in vitamins like vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, and minerals like copper, and zinc, jojoba’s health benefits find mention in Ayurveda.

Here are a few benefits of jojoba for hair and scalp:
  1. Maintains your hair’s natural pH balance: Jojoba is one of nature’s best gifts to hair care. Jojoba mimics the natural oil that our skin, including our scalp, produces. It is for this reason that jojoba nourishes your hair and helps to keep the pH level of your hair consistently at a healthy level.
  2. Moisturises hair inside out: Rich in Vitamin E, Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, jojoba creates a protective layer over your hair and returns the hair’s natural shine and softness. If your hair has become damaged and brittle, jojoba can help you moisturise and condition your hair by penetrating its outer cuticle. To make jojoba part of daily hair care routine, use hair products that contain jojoba.
  3. Prevents hair loss: Well, it is quite natural to lose some amount of hair. But when the hair loss is too much, then it is a cause of concern. Clogged pores are one of the reasons for hair fall. Jojoba clears accumulated dirt from the scalp and opens the clogged pores, helping the hair follicles to grow. It also removes dandruff. Though dandruff does not directly cause hair loss, it injures hair follicles. These injured follicles lead to some hair fall. Jojoba helps to reduce dandruff by maintaining a healthy pH balance.
  4. Promotes hair growth: Jojoba provides much-needed nutrition to your hair as it contains fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It is said that all these nutrients stimulate hair growth. A hot jojoba oil treatment before shampooing increases blood circulation and encourages the hair follicles to grow.


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