I believe that true hair care is a combination of nurturing and healing – a philosophy that drives every formulation we create at The Earth Collective.

Hair Specialist

The Earth Collective has become known as a veritable specialist in hair care.

We have spent years trying to understand the essentials of hair care, for both men and women. Consequently, we have realized that just like the growth and health of a plant depends on the condition of the soil it grows in, the health of our scalp determines how healthy our hair would be. A healthy scalp is equal to healthy hair. Period.

So, we have come up with specialized regimens for proper scalp care to ensure beautiful, lustrous tresses. We are perfectly aware that every individual’s hair type is different and requires specialized treatment. We have come up with solutions that work their ways around the limitations of each hair type and infuse them with vigor and shine.

What makes us so special?

Honest Hair Care Products

We make sure that you get what you are promised. So, we do not make claims that we can’t substantiate. Each hair care regimen that we have created is authentic, and each scientific method we employ is carried out under stringent laboratory conditions. Our nature-inspired products are free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and other harmful chemicals.

Our products are cruelty-free, vegetarian and contain natural moisturising factors.