Best Serum as Per your Hair Concern: Check this Read

From pollution to harsh weather, from frequent heat styling to UV rays, many things cause your hair to become damaged, breakage-prone and frizzy. While oil is a great pre-shampoo treatment, applying hair serum after you’re done shampooing is an effective way to keep the hair hydrated, therefore reducing frizz and split ends. Hair serum softens and soothes the cuticle layer of the hair. Like cleansers, conditioners and masks, serums are made to tackle different hair concerns as well. Choosing the right hair serum can help you target specific issues.

As a hair specialist, we share with you tips to pick the best hair serum as per hair concerns:

Best hair serum for women and men: tips to choose the right one

— Moisturizing Hair serum for frizzy hair

Frizzy hair needs an intense dose of moisture and, therefore, go for a hair serum that has ingredients that will help to seal in moisture and hydrate the hair, making it soft and manageable. Loaded with the goodness of jojoba, argan and chamomile, The Earth Collective Anti-frizz Hair Serum boost hair vitality and make it frizz-free. Our hair serum nourishes and softens hair, without making it greasy. By preventing knots and tangles, our hair serum tames flyaways and unruly strands to reduce hair breakage.

— Add extra sheen to your hair with Pollution Shield Serum

Pollution can be harmful to the skin, but it is equally harmful to your hair. Exposure to pollution daily has the potential to damage the hair, leaving it dry, rough, and unmanageable. Our Hair Serums is specially designed for those who have to step out daily. Our hair serums contains jojoba, arnica and lavender. These ingredients work together to protect your hair from environmental damage. Choose this hair serums to induce shine and luster to your hair. While jojoba has intense moisturizing properties, lavender smoothens and detangles hair. Extremely lightweight, this serum gets absorbed into the hair quickly.

— Get shiny hair Sun Protection hair serum

Sun protection is a must for your hair. Without protection, your hair will lose color, strength and moisture much faster. Pick a hair serum that has ingredients that nourish your hair while adding the sheen. The Earth Collective Sun Protection Hair Serum is formulated to take extra care of your strands when you step out in the sun. A light formula, this hair serum is enriched with alfalfa, argan and orange. The hair serum helps to maintain the natural colour and hydration levels of hair, thereby making it shinier.


How to use hair serum for best results

— Wash your hair before applying serum

Apply serum only on shampooed hair. Hair serum is not just a styling product but also a vitalizer that provides nourishment to your hair. For hair serum to work the hair needs to be cleaned otherwise dirt build-up will prevent the serum from reaching the roots and strands.

— Do not use too much hair serum

Applying too much hair serum can make your hair greasy. Depending on the length of your hair take 1-2 drops of hair serum on your palms.


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