Blend of nature and science

When it comes to choosing hair products, people often wonder whether to embrace science or nature. Many people have this misconception that science and nature cannot work in harmony to create a routine that is kind to your scalp and hair. Well, we can tell you that nature and science are not and will not be separate in hair products. They complement each other to give you hair products that suit your hair type and are effective. To know how nature and science work together to give you suitable hair products, keep on reading:

  • Science helps make ingredients effective: Hair products are not a modern invention. Since time immemorial, humans have been using various substances to enhance the look and feel of their hair. However, in recent times, science is being lynched as the ‘bad guy’ of the hair products industry. Well, what many people do not realize is that it is the science that helps create effective beauty hair products. For ingredients to perform their intended function, they should be effective. Science allows cosmetic scientist and chemists to develop ingredients in labs that are effective.

  • Not all synthetic ingredients are harmful and not all natural ingredients are harmless: Both natural and synthetic ingredients can be toxic. It is the effectiveness of the certain ingredient that should be the focus. It doesn’t matter if an ingredient is lab-made or plant-derived but if it is result-oriented, it is a perfectly valid addition to a product.

  • Science makes natural ingredients effective: Natural product ranges can be nurturing and gentle but they may not be effective enough or they may lack certain benefits which are essential. The secret to formulating good hair products is to balance science and nature.

  • Lab-made ingredients are created in sterile conditions: Many laboratory-made ingredients used in skincare products are almost identical to the form found in nature. However, these are manufactured under sterile conditions and are standardized. These actives ingredients are effective with assured results. For instance, coco-glucoside, a cleansing agent, is natural and gentle, it is derived when glucose reacts chemically with fatty alcohols from coconut or palm oil. This soothing raw material exhibits non-greasy hydrating properties. When added to hair products, this cleansing agent conditions hair and prevents them from drying out. Just like coco-glucoside, there are many ingredients that are a blend of nature and science.

At the Earth Collective, we blend science and nature to come up with hair products that are designed to deliver effective hair treatment. Our products do not contain harmful chemicals such as paraben, mineral oil and sulphate. They are infused with the goodness of ingredients that have been hailed not just in Ayurvedic texts but in a range of ancient traditions. Our hair products are an amalgamation of traditional knowledge and advanced scientific research that is designed to make your hair healthy from within.

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