Check these Insights on the Right Hair Care Regimen


For many people, men or women, an abundance of thick and shiny hair is one of the ultimate beauty goals. The good news is that where there is a will, there is always a way to create the right hair care regimen. Once you find the right hair care routine that works for you, you’ll rarely stray. But what is the right hair care regime? Well, as a veritable hair specialist we share with you a breakdown of everything you need to know to create a good hair care regimen:

Use the right cleanser: Of all the hair care products that people need, the cleaner is of highest necessity and yet many people use “off the shelf” shampoos without giving it a thought. Most of these shampoos contain harmful chemicals. They strip the natural oils of the hair and make them dry and brittle. The waxy coating builds up over time from leftover shampoo, which leads to poor scalp health. Here are some factors you must consider at the time of buying a cleanser: 

  • It should not contain harmful chemicals.
  • It should suit your hair type.

You can consider using our wide range of hair cleansers, starting the ones for oily hair to dry and damaged hair, from color treated hair to aging hair. Before you wash your hair, sleep in the pre-scalp treatment for optimal results. Oiling your hair at least once a week could be helpful. All our hair products are nature-inspired and free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and other harmful chemicals.

Follow up a conditioner: Most people are not regular with hair conditioners. Using a hair conditioner nourishes the hair. Conditioners help in hydrating the hair and making the strains look thick and silky. Just like cleansers, select conditioners as per your hair type.

Treat hair with good old champi: No hair care routine is complete without oiling. Hair oiling has been a part of hair care routines in several cultures. Oiling acts as a quick remedy for damaged hair, drying tresses, split ends, dandruff and frizzy hair. Our coconut oil, almond oil, and shikakai oil are some of the best-sellers. For best results, keep the oil on the hair overnight as the scalp will get enough time to absorb the oil.

Use hair masks: Often people use hair masks only on special occasions. But not many realize that by skipping they are missing out on so many of their benefits. Moreover, hair masks are ideal for Indian summer that make hair rough and dry. Hair masks give hair a booster dose of hydration. Masks penetrate deep into your hair, resulting in strong, nourished hair. On the other hand, the conditioner works on the exterior layer of the hair and is usually light in texture. Our hair masks are formulated to repair damage and rejuvenate your hair, making them silky, shiny and healthy.

Finish up with a leave-in serum: Before you step out in the sun, it is a good idea to apply a few drops of hair serum. Hair serum builds a protective layer over the hair strands, protecting them against heat, dirt and other pollutants. Our hair serums are light and non-greasy and help in retaining the natural moisture of the hair.

And, don’t forget the scalp when it comes to leave-in treatments. Use products that nourish your scalp by going deep into the roots. One such product with a boost of multi-vitamins is our Scalp Tonic. A multi-purpose toner, it keeps the pH balance in check for healthy hair!

If you have any specific concerns, book a one-on-one consultation with our hair specialists.

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