Check These Tips on Anti-Ageing Hair Care


Ageing is an inevitable part of life and its signs are visible over time. For many, greying hair can give away their age. As people age, sebum production reduces and pigment cells decrease. But how do you know your hair is ageing? Well, here are some signs of ageing hair


  • Grey hair
  • Dry hair
  • Thinning Hair
  • Brittle Hair
  • Loss of hair volume
  • Dull hair
  • Fading hair colour
  • Change in texture


When hair starts to undergo changes it is a good idea to update your hair care routine to reverse the impact of ageing. We as a veritable hair specialist share anti-ageing hair care tips to keep your strands looking healthy and youthful:

  • Get the right cut:

    Ageing is something that you cannot wish away. However, the right haircut can boost volume and flatter your face shape. As your hair thins, sporting a shorter hairstyle can be convenient and practical. When cut in layers, a short hair style can create the illusion of fullness.

  • Eat a wholesome diet:

    There are no two ways that healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. However, as you age, your need for calorie intake may reduce but that doesn’t mean the body doesn’t need nutrients. This means you need to plan your meals and make sure what you are eating is not empty calories but nutritious food. A protein-rich diet is good for healthy hair. Make sure you are eating lean protein. If your diet is restricted, it can lead to hair loss.

  • Avoid heat styling :

    As you age, the hair strands become thin. Heat styling can be especially damaging to thinning hair strands. With age the hair produces less sebum, this means there is less natural protection against the heat. The heat can cause the strands to become dry and eventually break.

  • Moisturise, moisture and moisturise:

Hair mousse and gels provide temporary shine to the hair but they strip away the natural oils of the hair, making them look dull. If you do need a hair product to style your hair, go for a nourishing one. Our hair moisturiser hydrates the inner shafts of the hair follicle and keeps it frizz-free. It is not just great for styling your hair but can be used for addressing multi-fold problems.

Update your hair care routine

As explained above, ageing hair is more than just getting greys. With age, hair becomes brittle and more prone to breakage and even dull. This is why you need to update your hair care routine to meet the changing needs. To help our customers deal with hair woes caused due to ageing, we have launched anti-ageing products that nourish the scalp and hair. While the products cannot reverse greyness of hair, they work from the roots to help the growth of stronger and nourished locks.

What is anti-ageing hair regime?

Our 3-step regime has an anti-ageing cleanser and conditioner along with hair spray. Loaded with the goodness of Indian Cress, WaterCress and Lavender, our anti-ageing cleanser and conditioner replenish the scalp & helps to make fragile strands healthy. This water-based hair vitalising spray is great for solving many hair and scalp concerns. The hair spray is super quick to absorb and adds strength to brittle and breakage prone hair.

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