Co-washing: Reasons behind Its Increasing popularity


Co-washing is the latest buzzword in the hair care world. If you have been wondering what it is, let us fill you in. Co-washing means replacing your shampoo with just one product that can simultaneously do the job of shampoo and conditioner. In other words, it cleanses the hair like a shampoo and at the same time keeps the hair extra moisturized, like a conditioner. If your hair has suffered damage or if you have dry and brittle hair, The Earth Collective Co-Wash is the ultimate solution you are looking for.

We as a veritable hair specialist share with you the reasons behind the increasing popularity of co-washing:

1.Prevents drying out of hair because of shampoo:

Regularly using shampoos, especially the harsh ones that contain sulphate and mineral oils, can make the hair rough, dry and brittle. In such a scenario, co-wash comes in handy. Our mild and non-lathering cream-based cleansing conditioner moisturizes hair and prevents further damage that is caused due to frequent shampooing. It is best used when alternated with regular shampoo-conditioner wash.

Note: All our products do not contain harmful chemicals and are free of mineral oils, parabens and sulphates. The Co-Wash is also vegan.

2. Ideal for summer months:

Though co-washing is a good practice year-round, during summer months it can be beneficial. During the summer, people tend to wash their hair more often because of sweat and dirt. Co-washing is a great alternative to regular hair wash cycles, for days when you need a quick wash in a shorter time.

3. Reduces breakage:

One of the reasons why people love co-washing is because it is moisturizing and gentle. By hydrating the hair, co-wash helps to decrease the amount of breakage that happens because of overly dry hair. Our co-wash is loaded with ingredients such as shea butter and veg keratin. While shea butter is great for softening the hair and revitalizing it, veg keratin protects hair from damage.

4. Better curl definition:

While co-washing is ideal for all hair types except oily hair, those with curly hair are to benefit the most. Besides reducing detangle time, co-washing gives curls more definition. The long-term result of incorporating co-washing into your routine is —- healthy looking and silky smooth hair. 

How often should you co-wash?

We recommend co-washing once a week. Alternate it with your regular shampoo-conditioner wash.

Can you use any conditioner for a co-wash?

Well, the simple answer is no. While a co-wash can replace a conditioner in your routine, you can’t co-wash with any conditioner. First of all, conditioners do not have cleansing properties. Second, the hair is not properly cleaned, it may result in product build-up, scalp itchiness and general greasiness. Finally, using only a conditioner may leave your hair looking flat.

On the other hand, a specially formulated product that cleans your scalp and hair while maintaining the natural scalp pH level. Look for products explicitly labelled as cleansing conditioners or co-washes.

If you have more queries about co washing hair or need help in choosing the right products for your hair, book a one-on-one consultation.

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