Common Dandruff Treatment Mistakes that People Make

When you are experiencing itchiness because of dandruff, the first thing you want to do is try every solution that you think would work. However, some people in their quest to get rid of dandruff end up exacerbating the problem. Here we will take a closer look at common dandruff treatment mistakes that you can avoid:

  • Using hair products that are harsh on the scalp:

If your scalp is already irritated, using hair care products with harsh chemicals can further aggravate your dandruff issues. If you want gentle solutions to manage dandruff, read the ingredient labels of the products and choose options that are scalp-friendly and have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Chemicals such as parabens tend to be too harsh and strip away the natural oil of the hair. A nourishing dandruff cleanser will help soothe itchy scalp and remove dandruff flakes gently.

  • Not sticking to an anti-dandruff cleanser:

If your scalp is prone to dandruff, stick to an anti-dandruff cleanser. Using a regular conditioner right after having used anti-dandruff shampoo for a few days is likely to bring dandruff back. Regular shampoos wash away the traces of active ingredients in the anti-dandruff hair products. And if the product you use is a mild formulation, you can use it regularly as well.

  • Washing your hair too often to get rid of flakes:

It is commonly seen that when people experience dandruff, they tend to wash their hair frequently. Doing so doesn’t reduce dandruff but rather makes the dandruff situation worse. Instead, the hair should be washed not more than twice or thrice a week or only when you feel the need of washing your hair.

  • Rubbing the scalp vigorously while shampooing:

Dandruff is an annoying problem. And in an attempt to get rid of it, people rub their scalp vigorously while washing hair. It adversely affects the scalp that is already having a tough time. Therefore, be gentle with the scalp. Massage it lightly with your fingertips while washing. Avoid using your nails as that might harm the hair follicles as well.

  • Using heat styling tools frequently:

Heat styling does not directly cause dandruff but it does make the scalp dry. Heat styling removes the natural oils from the scalp and a dry scalp is prone to dandruff. It is recommended to avoid heat styling whenever possible. Also, use nourishing leave-in treatments such as our hair fall scalp tonic and overnight hair illuminator that give your hair much-needed extra care.

Looking for dandruff treatment?

If you are looking for nourishing dandruff treatment, follow our 3-step anti–dandruff regime. The antimicrobial properties of our anti-dandruff hair cleanser, conditioner and hair oil ensure that dandruff does not come back again. They help in building healthy hair tissues and thus, nourishing the dry hair and itchy scalp.

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