Dry Hair Remedy: Common Myths Debunked Here

If you have thin, dry and frizzy hair, you are not alone. Many men and women struggle with this problem. Dry hair, not just appears dull and lifeless but is also prone to split ends, breakage and frizziness. Dry hair develops when the hair doesn’t get or retain enough moisture. However, there are many myths surrounding dry hair remedy. As a hair specialist, we debunk those myths and help you find the right solution for your hair:

Myth 1: Dry hair cannot be fixed

Sebum is the natural oil the scalp produces to help maintain moisture, shine, and strength of the hair. It’s the sebum that keeps the hair soft and hydrated. However, at times, the hair does not retain this sebum because of a number of factors including genetics, environment and lifestyle. Often people think that dry cannot be fixed and they have to live with it. But this isn’t the case. Though you have little control over hereditary factors, by making a few lifestyle changes and using the right hair products you can hydrate and seal in moisture in the hair.

Looking for a dry hair remedy?

Using a hair cleanser and conditioner meant for dry and frizzy hair can deep condition your hair. Our 4-step hair care routine ensures that your hair gets hydration and is moisturized and frizz-free. You can also add the Earth Collective Hair Moisturizer to your hair care routine. A replacement of oil, this deep-nourishing scalp moisturizer hydrates the inner shafts of the hair follicle and keeps it frizz-free.

Myth 2: Do not comb dry hair too frequently

If you have dry hair, you might have experienced that they are messier because of the frizz. While you are brushing your hair, you may notice they are difficult to detangle causing breakage along the way. However, combing is good for your hair. Combing activates your sebaceous glands that produce the scalp’s natural oil. When you comb the hair get moisturized and coated with sebum. To comb dry hair, try brushing the hair in sections and that too with a wide-toothed comb. Moreover, never skip conditioning your hair after washing it. Conditioning has multiple benefits for dry hair. First, it makes the detangling process easier. Second, it helps get rid of knots that cause breakage. And finally, it gives much-needed nourishment to the hair, making it shiny, soft and bouncy. Also, make sure that you comb your hair after a wash when it is completely dry.

Myth 3: Nutrition has nothing to do with dry and brittle hair

What you eat shows in your appearance. Especially your hair and skin reflect a lot about your diet. People who often do on sudden diet changes experience hair dryness due to nutritional deficiencies. A diet that lacks protein, fiber, healthy fats and complex carbs can result in making the hair brittle, dull and dry. It is best to have a well-balanced diet. If you do wish to try a new diet, it is best to consult a nutritionist.

Myth 4: Chemical hair treatments hydrate dry hair

Though colouring, hair straightening, hot iron curling and other hair treatments give you a nice look, the chemical used and the high heat make the hair weak in the long run. When you get these treatments done, at that time, the hair may feel soft, smooth and silky. However, these hair treatments can strip off the cuticle layer of the hair, leaving it susceptible to dryness, thinning and fall. It is best to reduce the frequency of these chemical-based hair treatments.

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