Everything You Need To Know About Hair Masks


You could consider hair masks as a type of extra-strength conditioner. Hair masks and conditioners have similar benefits – they deeply nourish, strengthen and moisturise hair. However, hair masks can take it to the next level. Hair masks can also be formulated to address specific hair concerns.

Are you on the lookout for hair conditioning masks that will suit your hair type? Read on and remember to incorporate them into your hair care routine and you’ll soon discover that the results offered by hair masks are worth the extra time and effort.

What is a Hair Mask?

Hair masks are generally formulated with natural ingredients such as oils and other nourishing ingredients. These hydrating formulations spend time sinking into and nourishing your hair, giving you significant benefits in a single application. Consistently using hair masks can help reduce hair breakage and help your hair feel healthy and nourished.

How to Use a Hair Mask

It’s super simple to work hair masks into your existing hair care routine. If you’re already in the habit of using a conditioner, all you have to do is add another step to your routine. Here’s how you apply a hair mask:

Step 1: Apply the mask generously on damp hair

Step 2: Massage into your scalp and work it downwards

Step 3: Make sure you apply enough to the tips of your hair

Step 4: Wait for a minimum of 30 minutes

Step 5: Rinse and follow up with a hair conditioner 

How often should you use a hair mask?

You should use a hydrating hair mask at least once in 10 days. If you feel like your hair needs more nourishing than usual, you could increase the frequency of use to a minimum of once a week.

How long should you leave a hair mask on your hair?

It is ideal to let a hair mask sink into your hair for a minimum of 30 minutes or more. Just remember that dry hair is less porous than wet hair, so there will be an upper limit to the amount of moisture your hair can absorb if you use a hair mask on dry hair.

Can You Leave a Hair Mask on Too Long?

Short answer – it depends. If you apply your hair mask to damp hair, it simply means that it will absorb more of whatever you apply to it. There is a chance that if you leave a hair mask on for too long, it can deliver too much moisture to your hair which might not be needed. No matter which hair mask you use, just remember to follow the instructions on the label. 

Why Should You Use a Hair Mask?

A deeply nourishing hair treatment mask can make a big difference in the shine and strength of your hair. Using one is particularly important if you have dry, damaged, frizzy or very long hair. At the Earth Collective, we have a wide range of hair masks suited to every hair type. Visit the hair mask section of our website to know more.