Father's Day Guide: Men's Hair Care Products that Every Dad Needs to have


Finding the perfect gift for your dad is not always so easy. This can be all the more difficult because when you ask your dad what he needs, he will give you a ‘standard dad response’ that “he has everything”. Well, this year, we have got you covered. With Father’s day is just around the corner, we a veritable specialist in hair care, have curated a list of men’s hair care products that your dad will love:
  • Anti-ageing hair care products: If your dad is still using off-the-shelf chemical-laden cleansers and conditioners, it is time to introduce him to anti-ageing hair care products. Just like the skin, hair too needs extra care with age. Although men produce slightly more sebum, a natural oil, than women, everyone’s sebum production declines with age. As the production of sebum goes down, hair becomes brittle and hair growth is delayed. Loaded with ingredients such as lavender and watercress, our anti-ageing hair care regimen includes, best shampoo for men , conditioner and leave-in treatment are especially formulated to nourish ageing scalp and make hair strong. Though these products will not reverse the greyness of hair, they make the hair stronger and nourished locks.
  1. Hair Density tonic: Just like mothers, fathers are selfless and are often busy caring for others. However, while taking care of others, they often forget to take care of themselves, especially their hair. Overlooking the needs of hair care often leads to premature greying, hair fall and receding hairline. So, this year, instead of choosing gifts that may end up gathering dust, give your dad much-needed hair pampering. Our Hair Density Tonic is a revolutionary hair growth tonic that promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall. It makes hair fuller, thicker and healthier over-time by working deep at the roots. Once your dad experiences the change, he will love the thought behind this wonderful gift.
  1. Hair moisturiser: If your dad means business and needs to look the part, too: our hair moisturiser can help achieve a slicked back hair. Our hair moisturiser is not just great for styling hair but it also helps address many hair woes such as frizziness, brittleness and split ends. And trust us, this is way better than using the regular chemical-filled, sticky hair gels.
  1. Hair oils: Fathers are-hard working, so they hardly get time for regular head massages. While growing up, your father may have massaged your head countless times, it’s time for you to relive those memories. Treat your dad with good old champi using our hair oil and catch up with all the latest. Our hair oils rejuvenate the scalp and hair from within. Everyday hair oil massages make hair healthy, nourished and strong. 

Want to make the Father’s day gift extra special? Buy our gift boxes

Our gift boxes are a collection of hair regimens that are handpicked by our hair specialists. The curated gift boxes are great for self-care indulgences and the wonderful packaging will bring a smile to your father’s face. If your father has specific hair concerns, book a free consultation for him and we will help him choose the right hair care products.

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