Hair Fall in Monsoon: Things You Should Know

Monsoons brings respite from the summer heat. However, taking care of your hair gets a bit tricky during the rainy season. Just like your skin, your hair too needs extra care as the weather changes. But why does hair become so frizzy and unmanageable during the monsoon? Well, the high levels of humidity in the air cause the hair to absorb moisture, leading it to swell. This makes hair brittle, frizzy and prone to easy breakage. The humidity strips the scalp of the natural oils, leading to a dry scalp and weaker roots. All these factors contribute to hair fall. Well, thankfully we’ve got you covered with some tips to control hair fall during monsoon:

  • Massage your hair: Irrespective of season, oiling hair is an important regimen you must adhere to. Regularly massaging your hair with a good hair oil can help avoid the dry scalp and hydrate hair strands. Apply the oil at least 30 minutes before you wash your hair or overnight. To reap the maximum benefits of oil, steam your hair with a hot towel before washing it. The end result will be frizz-free hair all through the day.
  • Do not skip conditioning: Choose the right cleanser and conditioner according to your hair type that will help prevent problems such as dandruff and frizzy hair. During the monsoon, make it a point to condition your hair regularly. Conditioning reduces the breakage and prevents the scalp from becoming dry. A good conditioner gives the added boost of moisture and nourishment to the hair strands, making them silky and smooth.
  • Use a hair serum before you step out: Oiling your hair is a good pre-cleanser treatment to moisturize strands, but a hair serum after shampooing helps in keeping the moisture locked in. Using a hair serum reduces frizz and split ends. Hair serums shield your hair from pollution and add shine at the same time.
  • Cover your head: Getting drenched in the rain can be quite fun for you but the rainwater weakens the hair roots, leading to hair fall. Rainwater is not as harmless as it looks, it has many pollutants which can damage hair strands and clog the hair follicles making the hair dull and the scalp itchy. Cover your head to prevent rainwater from damaging your hair. If your hair comes in contact with rainwater, wash your hair immediately afterward.

We hope with these monsoon hair care tips your hair woes won’t keep you from enjoying the rainy season! And if you still need some help choosing the right products for your hair fall, head straight to our hair fall concern page and make your pick. 

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