How to Tame Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair is one of the most annoying hair problems men and women face. Frizzy hair gives you a messed-up appearance. But the good news is that there’s a lot that you can do to reduce frizz. Before we share with you tips to tame frizzy hair, let us first understand why frizz is caused.

What is the cause of frizzy hair?

When your hair is dry and lacks moisture, it causes the hair strands to look frizzy. Not using a conditioner, brushing your hair too harshly, using too hot water for hair wash and frequent heat styling dehydrate your hair, leaving it vulnerable to frizz.

Here are some tips to tame frizzy hair:

  • Towel dry your hair: If you have frizzy hair, you must towel dry your hair. Using a microfiber towel can help you reduce frizz. You may feel tempted to blow dry your hair because of the convenience it offers. But blow-drying strips your hair of its natural moisture making it more prone to frizz. Wrap the towel around your head and let it stay there for a while. This allows the towel to soak in extra water and reduce the damaging friction that traditional towels can cause. And if you don’t have a micro-fibre towel in hand, just use an old cotton t-shirt.
  • Wash your hair wisely: To reduce frizz, use a hair cleanser with hydrating ingredients such as honey, centella and mandarin. These ingredients hydrate hair strands by strengthening hair follicles and nourishing the scalp. Avoid using cleansers that contain too many harmful chemicals as they tend to dehydrate the hair. 
  • Do not skip conditioning: Often people think they need to shampoo their hair regularly, but conditioning is something that they skip. The best way to fight frizz is to condition your hair regularly. Using a good hair conditioner keep your hair hydrated and smoothes it down to calm frizz. Regularly using a good hair conditioner will give your hair a defined body.
  • Start using an anti-frizz serum: If you have been struggling with frizzy and unmanageable hair for long, it’s time your hair gets some extra conditioning and care. Using an anti-frizz serum is a great way to control frizz and give your hair a glossy shine. Our Anti-frizz Hair Serum is specially designed for men and women with dull and frizzy hair. Infused with the goodness of jojoba, argan and chamomile, the anti-frizz serum gives your hair much-required hydration and smooth out damaged strands.

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