How To Use Hair Tonic for Hair Growth?


If you’re struggling with poor hair and scalp health, and have tried just about everything, a hair tonic might just be the secret element of your hair regimen that you’ve been searching for!

What is a hair Tonic?

Hair tonics are mild, nourishing formulations designed to solve specific hair concerns. They also help moisturise and nourish the hair follicles and scalp. Hair tonics are an important part of the hair care regimen that most people overlook. However, the benefits of incorporating a hair tonic into your routine are endless! And sometimes, a single hair tonic can end up solving multiple concerns allowing you to skip using different products.


    • . Penetrates the scalp & deeply nourishes the scalp and hair follicles
    • . Massaging hair tonic into the scalp promotes blood circulation in hair follicles
    • . Strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair fall
    • . Break down the build up of other grooming products
    • . Boosts hair growth
    • . Moisturises dry hair
    • . Lubricates a dry scalp
    • . Helps in controlling dandruff
    • . Makes hair look visibly shiny, glossy & healthy

Hair Tonics & Hair Growth

Hair tonics are the best kept secret for stimulating new hair growth and increasing hair density, by nourishing the roots and the scalp to promote long-term health. While hair tonics help in dealing with a variety of concerns as listed above, the biggest benefit that most users report is a marked improvement in hair growth.

Hair tonics, especially when applied regularly (we recommend twice a day, for at least 4 months) and lightly massaged into the scalp, stimulate blood circulation in the hair follicles and scalp. This not only allows for increased absorption of the nourishing ingredients into the scalp, but also allows for the tonic to effectively remove the build up of dirt and chemicals and moisturises the scalp intensely.

How to use a hair tonic?

Spray on your scalp or the affected area and massage with your fingertips. It gets quickly absorbed by the scalp. Do not wash it off. We recommend using it twice a day (Morning & Night) for 4 months to see results in hair growth.

Does the Hair Density Tonic reduce hair fall?

Yes it does. And we have it clinically approved! In a trial conducted with 35 volunteers (a mix of men and women) suffering extreme to moderate hair fall, we saw some great results for the tonic. Within 28 days, hair fall was down by 57.9% based on our clinical trials. And self evaluation by users after 28 days of usage helps conclude:

    • . 100% users agree that the Hair Density Tonic has reduced hair fall
    • . 100% users agree that the Hair Density Tonic has helped strengthen hair follicles
    • . 97% users agree that they felt that their scalp was healthier
    • . 100% users agree that the Hair Density Tonic has helped reduce scalp dryness
    • . 100% users agree that the Hair Density Tonic does not cause any itching or irritation to the scalp

Moreover the tonic has been dermatologically tested for safety!


he Earth Collective's Hair Density Tonic


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