Natural Hair Cleansers That Actually Work!


What is a hair cleanser?

A hair cleanser is a mild formulation used to clean hair that’s gentle on the hair & scalp. Hair cleansers, in contrast to shampoos, are free of the harsh detergents, sulphates and many other chemicals. They gently remove dirt and excess oil from your hair, while still retaining some of the nourishing natural oils. They are mostly made of oil & water, and are designed to moisturise and nourish your hair, while cleaning it.

Natural Extracts used in Hair Cleansers

    • Jojoba Esters : Jojoba oil is first extracted from jojoba seeds. This is then combined with hydrogen (using hydrogenation) to produce jojoba esters – an oily compound, similar in consistency to sebum. This is the magical elixir that is contained in all of the hair cleansers at The Earth Collective. Jojoba esters have a range of incredible benefits, such as moisturising & protecting hair, increasing moisture retention, extending hydration, making hair more manageable & protecting the scalp from infections.
    • Coco Glucoside : Glucose reacts chemically with fatty alcohols from coconut or palm oil to produce coco glucoside – a cleansing agent that is natural, gentle, 100% vegetable origin and environmentally friendly! Coco glucoside exhibits similar qualities to coconut oil with its non-greasy hydrating property, which cleanses the scalp and conditions it properly – preventing it from drying out. Other benefits of this powerful ingredient include protection against dryness, preventing frizzy hair & more. When added to hair products such as cleansers, this deeply conditioning property helps to smooth out hair strands, making them more manageable. All of our hair cleansers at The Earth Collective contain this powerful natural ingredient!
    • D Panthenol : Panthenol is a byproduct of pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5). It helps strengthen hair, retain moisture, and improves the texture of damaged hair. Panthenol is often the main ingredient in many hair masks and conditioners, along with cleansers. At The Earth Collective, our nature inspired hair cleansers are formulated to include this powerful ingredient!

Finding a Good Hair Cleanser!

Backed by rigorous science and studies, our hair cleansers harness the powerful benefits of the natural ingredients used! The Earth Collective’s intensely formulated cleansers are designed to gently cleanse your hair and address a variety of concerns and hair types at the same time! Experience healthy, nourished hair with our nature inspired cleansers. Shop Now!

How do I use a hair cleanser?

Step 1: Rinse your hair, preferably with lukewarm water. This will remove the surface layer of dirt and grime, and open up your pores for more efficient cleansing.

Step 2: You can apply a generous amount of cleanser to your wet scalp & hair since cleansers are mild and don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Step 3: Start by working the cleanser into your scalp and gently massaging your scalp in a circular motion.

Step 4: After waiting a few minutes, you can proceed to wash off the cleanser. Ensure that you continue to massage your scalp and hair as you’re rinsing with water.

Step 5: Do not skip the conditioner! Apply a gentle conditioner to your hair after partly drying off your hair. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes before rinsing it off thoroughly.

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