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How does Water damage your hair?


Living in India, where the general water in most places is on the ‘harder’ side of the spectrum (high mineral content), the damage caused by (hard) water over years of regular washing certainly adds up.

Often overlooked, water damage to your hair due to regular washing is a real issue that needs to be addressed in hair care. In case you swim regularly, then the severity of water damage to your hair and scalp is even greater, especially due to even higher exposure to chlorine, etc! Read on to find out how The Earth Collective can help!

Water damages your hair in several ways. When your hair shafts absorb water and swell up, your cuticles can get damaged. Wet hair is also weaker and more prone to damage, especially if it isn’t dried properly after showering. Hard water, which contains higher concentration of minerals like calcium and magnesium, clogs up your pores and cuticles, making your hair weak, dry & prone to breakage. 

How to prevent water damage to your hair & scalp

    • Wash your hair with mineral/drinking water Drinking water is much more gentle on your hair and scalp due to rigorous standardisation of its minerals, impurities & pH levels. While it may not be feasible to completely shower with drinking water every day, you can opt to wash your hair & scalp with it.
    • Brush your hair BEFORE showering Wet hair is greatly prone to breakage and damage, so it’s always advisable to comb & untangle (with a wide-toothed comb) your hair before getting it wet. This will also make your hair easier to deal with after showering.
    • Use lukewarm water Washing your hair with water that is too hot can weaken your hair and damage it as it strips your hair of its natural oils.
    • Avoid heat-styling your hair In addition to ensuring the water you use isn’t too hot, it is also recommended to minimise the usage of heat styling tools like hair straighteners, curling irons, etc, as they weaken your hair and make it prone to breakage, especially when wet.
    • Use a gentle cleanser Shampoos often contain harsh detergents, sulphates & other harsh chemicals that damage your hair. Switching to cleansers, which are milder formulations that gently clean your hair & scalp while retaining the natural oils.
    • Dry your hair gentlyEnsure that you gently tap your hair dry, preferably with a microfiber towel, and let it air-dry naturally after that. Vigorously drying your hair after a shower can greatly damage & break your hair, as it would be especially vulnerable in a wet, post-shower state.

The Earth Collective’s Secret Weapon For Water Damage!

At The Earth Collective, we have the ultimate solution to minimize water damage to your hair, while also nourishing & hydrating it! Our Water Defence Hair Spray is a revolutionary product in hair care – A pre-wash spray that helps keep the outer layer of your hair strands closed, protecting them from water damage during showers!

 The Earth Collective's Water Defense Spray
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