Reasons Behind Your Hair Fall And The Ways To Stop It


Hairfall! The time when your tress gets the stress. Losing 40 to 100 strands a day is quite natural. While none of us really sit and count the strands that we have lost but losing more hair than usual that can surely leave us worried.

We all agree to this fact that our style, confidence, persona all is seemingly linked to our hair. However, when it comes to hair fall there is nothing to get frightened about. You just need to figure out the root cause and take the right steps to control it. Reaching out to hair experts like us is important and it will lead you in the right direction towards control hair fall. Here are some of the common causes of hair loss and what you can do to address them:

  • Seasonal hair loss: Hairfall can be severely accelerated by natural factors such as changing weather. Our scalp struggles with various types of environmental stimulators like cold weather, heat in the summer, or extra humidity in the monsoon. However, hair fall increases during monsoon than summer because of the humidity which makes our scalp oily, greasy, and more prone to dandruff tending towards hair fall. Sweaty and greasy scalp in summer does the same to our hair. So, the cold weather makes our scalp dry, hair frizzy, brittle, fragile, and with reduced hydration, we face hair fall. You need to give your hair extra care to fight weather change and hair fall as a result of it. Regular cleaning and conditioning of hair during summer and monsoon protect your scalp from humidity and extra oil secretion. For extra care include hair moisturizer, scalp tonic, spa, and masks into your hair care routine. Please read our blog about the winter hair care regime to learn more.
  • Imbalance diet: Lack of essential nutrients in the diet can be a reason for hair fall. Iron, proteins, and other beneficial elements must be included in your everyday meal. Internal nourishment is as important as external care. A diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals can be beneficial for your hair. Drinking fenugreek-soaked water not only helps in reducing hair fall but also makes your hair healthy and strong. You can include amla (Indian gooseberry) as it is loaded with Vitamin C, which effectively reduces hair fall and prevents premature greying.
  • Heat styling: Style your hair but with care. When it comes to choosing hair products, go for the ones that do not contain harmful chemicals. Care your hair with sulfate, paraben-free, protein-enriched cleansers. Massage your scalp with oil made with natural ingredients for stronger roots. Avoid heat styling and tight buns, they give unnecessary stress to your hair. Opt for hair moisturizing masks, serums and hair spa products for a salon finish styling.
  • Pollution: Excessive exposure to pollution, dust and dirt weaken your hair. Pollution can cause hair irritation, scalp dryness and even hair loss. Besides using a good hair cleanser, include scalp soothing masks, serums, and illuminators in your hair care routine to prevent damage.
  • Stress: Stress and other medical conditions like PCOS, thyroid, hormonal imbalance, post-pregnancy stress, etc, are also identified as the reasons for hair fall. Besides following medications, keep your body and mind calm by regularly exercising, meditating and practising yoga.

If you still need some help with targeted hair concerns, feel free to contact us or write to us and we can help you with one-on-one consultation.

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