Reasons to maintain pH balance of hair and scalp


The pH level of your hair ranges between 4.5 and 5.5, and this means it is acidic. When the hair is at an optimum pH level, the cuticles are closed and healthy. When you maintain the natural pH level of your hair and scalp, the acidic sebum of your scalp fights bacteria.

Generally you should aim to use products that are slightly acidic and lie within the hair’s natural pH range of 4.5 to 5.5. The same applies to your skin, which ranges from around 4.5 to 6. However, this is variable depending on the individual and their health.

Also too much heat does make the scalp more prone to dehydration and too much humidity and cold weather make the hair brittle. So, are we suggesting that it is impossible to have locks that would look amazing throughout the year? No, and No. By maintaining a balanced pH level of your hair and scalp you can help your precious hair look lustrous always. But, what is pH level and how can you maintain it? pH level measures how acidic a substance is. The way pH level plays a pivotal role in understanding and maintaining your skin, similarly, it does for your tresses. Be it washing your hair with alkaline products, exposing them to UV rays and humidity, dust unknowingly you are disrupting the natural pH balance of hair.

How do you calculate your hair’s pH?

There are several test strips available in the market that you can use to know the pH balance of your hair. However, there’s another simple way to know that the pH balance of your hair is disrupted. If you notice that your scalp is dry, itchy and flaky, then it means that your hair has become more alkaline and less acidic. In simple words, your scalp and your hair are being denied of moisture and natural oils.

But what does pH have to do with your luscious locks? Well, here are 3 reasons why your scalp’s pH matters:
  1. A balanced pH level creates a protective barrier: If you have a normal pH balance, then your hair is protected by a defence shield. This protective shield fight bacteria and fungus. It seals the moisture and natural oils and thus preventing your hair from becoming frizzy and dry.
  2. Helps you know whether your products are effective or not: Using hair products like shampoos, conditioners, hair spray, etc, that are more alkaline will cause your hair to become brittle and frizzy. Such products will strip your hair and scalp of moisture. The best way to bring moisture back to your tresses is to use hair products that pH balanced.
  3. Reduces the risk of breakage: Your hair is sensitive and any change in pH levels affect the hair and its strength. Hair treatments like hair colour, hair-straightening, throw off the pH balance of your hair resulting in frizzy and dry hair. However, when you use pH balanced hair products, you avoid the risk of making your hair brittle. Make sure that hair care products you use are suited to our hair’s pH balance. This can preserve the overall health of your hair.

Restore the pH of your hair

While we can keep a check on some of the external factors but not everything is under our control. One thing that we can do is use pH balanced hair cleansers and conditioners.The Earth Collective products are made with the utmost care to maintain the ideal pH necessary for each of the products to keep your hair and scalp in a happy zone.

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