The Importance of Using a Scalp Tonic


With winter around the corner – most of us from all across the country are bracing for some of the toughest months for our skin and hair. The dry winter air causes the skin to pull, stretch, itch and flake. The impact of dryness doesn’t end with our skin.

The dry air also directly impacts our scalp and hair, sapping moisture and making it harder for our locks to stay hydrated. For older individuals, the colder weather also leads to lowered blood circulation to the scalp and follicles, making it even harder for the skin of the scalp to do its job to nourish hair as it grows out.

While winter is as good a time as ever to start on the journey of scalp care, it’s important to remember that due to our modern lifestyles, it’s essential to pay extra care and attention to scalp care. Since your scalp is the place where your hair originates, taking good care of it can ensure you nourish and protect your hair right from the root.

Scalp vs skin

Let’s take a moment to consider how differently we treat the skin on our head vs the skin on our face. A normal day out would entail washing, cleansing, toning, moisturizing and even applying a layer of sunscreen on your face. What about the scalp? Most of us are used to simply washing, conditioning and maybe occasionally using hair oil every other day. Surely, our scalps deserve more care and attention than just the occasional oiling and washing that we perform out of obligation to our haircare routines.

How to care for your scalp?

There are some crucial factors to consider before finding the right scalp nourisher. Some of the most important factors to consider are:

      • . Nourishment and hydration
      • . Hairfall control
      • . pH balance
      • . Dandruff Control

We know that it can be a little overwhelming to look into all of these factors while caring for your scalp. To take complete care of your scalp, you would normally have to apply a range of products to address each of these concerns on an individual level. At The Earth Collective, we thought about the issue of scalp care and came up with a multi-level solution to address all the scalp concerns that you might have.

The Earth Collective Scalp Tonic

To avoid the hassle of applying multiple different products to your scalp and overburdening yourself with an elaborate regime, we created the scalp tonic. Our scalp tonic has been formulated to provide multiple layers of protection, nourishment and soothing to all hair and scalp types. It is meant to serve as a foundational product that can serve as the first step of haircare, before the application of any other haircare products. Our scalp tonic is also a certified Non-Irritant, having been dermatologically tested for safety. contains a set of key ingredients that are aimed at providing your scalp with all the care that it needs.


Certification of Safe Product

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