Tips to Reduce Hairfall Post Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an emotional and physical toll on many people. While recovering from the infection in itself has been very challenging for many people, those who have recovered have a common complaint of hair fall. From our customer conversations many feel it’s the stress, some others feel it might be because of the medicines but we feel that instead of further stressing over hair loss, it is best to focus on adopting healthy habits.

Are you experiencing hair fall post COVID? If yes, here are a few hair fall control remedies:

  • Reduce stress levels: Even after recovering from COVID-9, it may seem difficult not to stress out. However, it is not very difficult to relax when you make a conscious effort. Every day, indulge in an activity that helps you in feeling relaxed. Breathing exercises, meditation and yoga can help you relax. There are many people who find relaxation in creative activities such as sketching, coloring and painting. Anything that takes your mind off the stress is good.
  • Follow a healthy diet: Eating a well-balanced diet is important, especially after your immune system has taken a setback. Even after having recovered from COVID-19, you must stick to a healthy diet. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Including spinach, lettuce, broccoli and oranges in your diet is good for your hair as well as your overall health. Adding a healthy dose of nuts such as almonds, and walnuts will help reduce hair thinning and promote hair growth. 
  • Make an exercise routine: You may not realize but exercising is actually good for your hair. It helps to promote blood circulation to the scalp – which eases the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. This promotes hair growth and controls hair loss. Walking, cardio or strength training – all can be helpful.
  • Follow a gentle hair care routine: To restore hair health, it is important that you avoid heat styling. From curling to flat ironing, heat styling leaves your hair dry and frizzy. Give your heat styling tools a rest for some time. Make sure to use products that not only suit your hair type but are also free from harmful chemicals such as paraben, sulphate and mineral oils. If you are not sure which hair product to choose, our hair consultants will help you with a one-on-one consultation.

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