Why is conditioner important for your hair?

A question that has left so many of us wondering is whether we actually need hair conditioners or not? Well the answer is a definite Yes. Hair conditioner uses and shampoo/hair cleanser uses are very different from each other but both Conditioners and shampoos go hand in hand. In way you can say that they are best friends.
Many of us have our own reasons to not condition our hair. Some see the clock ticking and avoid this step, some feel that using a hair conditioner will actually weigh their hair down. Those with short hair, particularly men, feel that they actually don’t need a conditioner. Those with oily hair feel that conditioners will make their hair greasy and over moisturised. Some people also feel that conditioner causes hair-fall, which isn’t true at all. Its using the wrong conditioner for your hair or the overall health of your hair that might cause this problem. Well, as you can see the list of reasons for not using a conditioner as you can see is rather unending.
But what we want to talk about is the importance of using a hair conditioner in your hair care regime. Getting down to the basics, we must understand that each product has a specific role to play. Shampoos or hair cleansers open up the pores in your scalp in order to remove the grime and dirt. Topping this step off with a conditioner helps close those pores and seal in all the nourishment and goodness. In a way a conditioner can act as a protective shield for your hair against many external elements like pollution etc. So, skipping a conditioner will make your hair more prone to damage, making each strand appear thinner. In the long run, skipping a conditioner is actually depriving your hair from becoming healthy, protected and beautiful. Other than the basics, here are a few more reasons why conditioners are a must:
Reduces frizz

Hair conditioners not only hydrate your hair, but also moisturizes and makes your hair look less frizzy. This in turn makes your locks look fuller in volume.


Since conditioners hydrate and moisturize your hair, it makes them softer and smoother. This makes combing your hair all the more easier and with less damage.

Repairs Damage

Many of us style our hair rather frequently which requires the use of heat tools like curling irons, blow dryers, etc. All these tools make your hair dehydrated and dry. While you can always use heat protection sprays and serums, but one thing that can always help is a good conditioner. This provides that extra layer of protection and helps keep the hair hydrated.

Hopefully this helps you with understanding the importance of using a hair conditioner but one must also choose one according to their hair type or concern. For those with thick or coarse hair, you need go for a deep hair conditioner or simply use more than those with thin or fine hair. You need to pair your cleanser and conditioner in a manner that answers not just your hair concern but also complement each other.

Using conditioner the right way is the real way to see how it works for your hair. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Cleanse your hair with a shampoo/hair cleanser
  • Wring your shampooed hair out
  • Apply the conditioner across the length of your hair and avoid the scalp and roots as this may lead to making your scalp greasy and clogged
  • Spread the conditioner evenly through the ends of your hair and leave it on for about 3-5 minutes
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly till it feels fully clean without any slippery/greasy feel to it

Now we hope that you understand the importance of using a combo of cleanser and conditioner together and let them work their magic through your hair.

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