Winter Hair Care - How To Keep Your Hair Moisturised?


With all of the struggles that come with winter, we may forget to give our hair & scalp the proper attention and winter care they need or make the required changes to our hair care regimen. This often leads to several hair issues from hair fall and breakage to dandruff and more. The Earth Collective brings you some essential hair care tips to keep in mind this winter & explores why you need to keep your hair moisturised!


Why You NEED A Hair Moisturiser! 

Everyone knows the importance of skin moisturisers in winters, but who among us really remembers to moisturise and care for our hair as well? The biggest issue in winters is the fact that there is a lack of humidity in the air, which dries out hair and causes frizzy hair, dandruff, weak hair and more. The trick is to keep your hair moisturised through the day while avoiding habits and products that strip the hair of its moisture & natural oils.

At The Earth Collective, we understand the importance of moisturising hair – especially in winters! That’s why, we have developed the Ultimate Winter Hair Care Solution – Our nourishing Hair Moisturizer with powerful natural ingredients! A product, specifically designed for your hair, that you can apply to dry or wet hair. Our Hair Moisturizer is the perfect leave-in serum this winter, to keep your hair moisturised and well-nourished!

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Keep your hair moisturised with these winter tips!

The tips outlined below are all designed to keep your hair moisturised in winter, which as it turns out, directly remedies a lot of the hair & scalp winter issues.

1) Oiling your hair : Oiling your hair regularly is one of the oldest tricks in the book for nourishing and keeping your scalp and hair well moisturised. Oiling your scalp deeply nourishes it and a light massage (with a hot towel) will improve the blood circulation. This will also ensure that your hair doesn’t become dry and frizzy during winter. A good practice is to oil your hair a few hours before bedtime and letting it soak in and work its magic overnight. Alternatively, you can oil your hair a couple of hours before showering, and then washing most of it off with a gentle cleanser!At The Earth Collective, we have developed a range of deeply nourishing oils with powerful natural extracts for various concerns and hair types!


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    2) Oiling your hair : Especially during winters, it’s important to ensure that you are thoroughly drying your hair after a shower. Wet hair when exposed to cold air becomes weak and breaks easily, so hair has to be patted down and properly dried before stepping out.
      3) Use A Humidifier : A neat little trick you can adopt to improve your hair in winters is to use a small humidifier indoors. The lack of humidity in the air in winters tends to dry out hair, and this is exacerbated if you are using indoor heating to manage the cold – which reduces humidity further and dries out the air.
        4) Stay Hydrated : It’s usually the simple things that have the biggest impact. People tend to generally consume less water in winters, but it’s important for you to ensure that you are eating nutritiously and hydrating yourself sufficiently from the inside, in addition to moisturising & caring for your hair topically.
          5) Avoid Frequent Washing : During winters, it is advisable to increase the gap between washes and reduce the overall frequency of washing your hair. Washing hair removes your scalp’s natural oils and leads to dryness and irritation. Especially when combined with the dry winter air, frequent washing can lead to dryness, weak hair, breakage, dandruff, etc.