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Hair Serum


Hair Serum

Jojoba, Argan & Chamomile


Hair Serum

Jojoba, Argan & Chamomile

(354 customer ratings)


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Treating your tresses with The Earth Collective Anti-frizz Hair Serum will keep frizz in check and prevent knots & tangles. This serum is not heavy or sticky. Made with a light, non greasy formula, the Earth Collective Anti Frizz Serum is formulated to make your hair soft and shiny. 

This serum is a Unisex product and is ideal for managing frizzy and dry hair. It can be your go-to hair serum for post-wash care.

Delivery: 5-10 working days.
Country of Origin: India


  • Keeps hair frizz free
  • Prevents knots and tangles
  • Light and non-sticky
  • Makes hair soft

Key Ingredients: 

  • Jojoba – native to the Sonoran desert in North America that is rich in vitamins & minerals
  • Argan – a Moroccan beauty oil known for making hair healthy & soft
  • Chamomile – takes care of the health & sheen of hair
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How to use

Use on damp hair for best results. Take 1-2 pumps in your palm. Rub both hands together to spread the serum.  Apply from the midsection of your hair and work it downwards towards the tips.



Avoid direct contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse your eyes with water.
For external use only.
Store in a cool dry place.

Formulations containing natural ingredients tend to change colour over time. However, the product efficacy remains unaffected.

Who is it for

Everyone! It is suitable for all hair types as a post-wash serum. It controls frizz and makes hair soft and tangle-free


Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil,  Cyclopentasiloxane & Phenyl Trimethicone & Dimethiconol & C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate & Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Phenyl Trimethicone, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, Tocopheryl acetate, Coconut Oil, Chamomile, Fragrance .

74 reviews for ANTI FRIZZ

  1. Shuchi

    I am using this regularly post my wash. It’s a part of my wash regime. I use the dry and damaged cleanser, conditioner, and then this serum. My hair feels so soft and silky after each wash.

  2. Amrita Maulik

    The only thing I was always worried about is my dry and rough hair but honestly speaking after purchasing this serum I found a huge difference it not only gives a frizz-free look but also gives my hair a smooth texture and I’m really obsessed with it.

  3. Gayatri

    I have been using this serum for almost 4 months now and it is so light and wonderful. Its much better than all those thick serums and its not at all greasy. Simply love it and it has a very nice and mild fragrance as well!

  4. Sudipto Paul

    This is an amazing product. I have been using this for the last couple of days and This product works really awesome. Brings the perfect balance, is nonsticky, hair feels smooth and good fragrance.

  5. Subham Ray

    Really nice experience with this serum. I got it delivered with excellent packaging. Solves the biggest hair problem in winter- the untameable frizz

  6. S. Baruah

    The anti fizz serum is very effective for my curly hair. A must use serum for curls. My hair has become soft after using this.

  7. Tsen

    The serum works very beautifully for my dry and wavy hair. It is slightly thicker than the matrix biolage one i used before, so I need only one pump. But it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on my hair. Very effective for managing the flyaways and baby hairs. Can be used on dry hair as well, though it tends to make the hair a little sticky. Overall very impressed with the product and would love to try out more products from their range

  8. Hannah

    It is so light. Doesn’t weigh down my hair at all. In fact I even use it on my dry hair sometimes as it absorbs so quickly.

  9. Tamanna

    I love this serum. It is so light.

  10. Shubhi

    Very fond of this serum. Keeps my hair soft and frizz free at all times.

  11. Aparna

    I can feel a difference in touch and texture of my hair. Packaging is lovely!

  12. Saloni

    I have thin, fine hair and rarely like a serum but TEC serum has worked well for my hair type.

  13. Kavya

    Thank you TEC for this amazing serum. No more frizzy dull hair

  14. Tanya

    This serum is always in my bag. It instantly tames the flyaway.

  15. Rupa

    For frizz free hair must give this a try

  16. Rajani M

    Perfect post wash serum for frizzy hair.

  17. Brinda

    Controls frizz so well. A special mention to the beautiful fragrance.

  18. Charu Roy

    Since I started using this Amazing serum of TEC I don’t have to worry about my frizzy strands.By using few drops of this my hairs stays manageable.

  19. Tripti

    Very nice serum

  20. Sayeri Gupta

    Controls frizz well and one bottle lasts a really long time.

  21. Arati

    When I almost lost hope for my frizzy strands one of my friend suggested me this serum. With this serum I noticed changes in my hair and now I use their entire damage range and trust me just love their range.

  22. Amina Shaikh

    A good serum for regular use.

  23. Sri Sruthi

    I am writing this review after testing the Earth Collective Anti Frizz Hair Serum for 6 months. I am very pleased with the serum and definitely
    will repurchase.

    Issues I had:
    1. Extremely dry, frizzy, wavy hair.
    2. Strands would get super tangled. Day 2,3 hair was horrible with more tangles.
    3. Pre oiling hair or post shampoo conditioning did not help. From day 2 onwards, hair would be all in knots and unmanageable.

    I saw good results in the first 3 washes, then decided to use long-term. I used it on and off for 6 months. I am pleased with the results.

    How did I use:
    After shampoo, I just use 3-4 drops of the serum when the hair is semi-dry. If needed, will follow up with a bit of serum
    on second-day hair too. It’s non-greasy and gives a polished look.

    What I loved about the serum:
    1. Little goes a long way!!
    2. Makes me feel comfortable while applying the serum unlike the silicone-filled serums from famous brands that we all use.
    The subtle fragrance smells like luxury. Just enough aroma, but does not linger after application.
    3. Non-greasy even on days 2 and 3 hair.
    4. Instantly detangles and eventually strengthens hair.

    Did the serum help solve my issues?
    yes, to a good extent.

    With frequent hydrating and nourishing masks, I see that serum does an even better job of giving life to the strands.

    P.S. I am not a blogger, I am just a happy customer who revived her with this product. Hence the detailed review Thank god for this serum!

  24. Mona

    Tames and keeps the frizz manageable amazingly

  25. Shina

    I was totally tired of my frizzy strands then one friend recommended me this serum.Now, I have started using its shampoo, conditioner as well. These hair care options it what we needed and its amazing that these products are made in India. Feels no less that any big brand.

  26. Harshita

    People with frizzy strands please invest in this serum without any second thoughts. Its so light that I use it almost everyday and still don’t feel oiliness.

  27. Papri Banerjee

    The best serum..

  28. Megha

    Love to use after every wash to keep my hairs managable

  29. Shabnam

    Found it on Instagram. Quite good, need very little

  30. Kanak

    Get rid of frizz with this instantly

  31. Aranya

    My hair use to be like broomstick after wash because of frizz, then I stated using this serum with other products of TEC. Has made it much better than before.

  32. Deepa

    This product calms my frizz better than any other serum, and leaves my hair feeling smoother, stronger, and so much healthier!!

  33. Rosy

    Good quality of hair serum.. silky and shiny hair and soft also after applying it..

  34. Nandita

    This is the best hair serum

  35. Sabrina

    My hair is curly and the texture is dry, this serum enhances my curls and gives it a nice glaze.

  36. Amita

    Leaves the hair soft and non greasy

  37. Reshma

    One of the best buy from TEC…

  38. Jannat

    My unruly hair became soft and easier to comb through with this one.

  39. P. Khanna

    I order it twice.A very good product for frizzy hair. Only few drop is enough and maintain its shine for 3 to 4 days.

  40. Neenu sharma

    The earth collective hair serum is just amazing. I have been using it from couple of days and really getting good results . Now my hair are more shiner and manageable. I will definitely gonna use it in future and recommend to those as well who are facing issue of frizzy hair

  41. Priti

    Awesome product.. Took some time to deliver but worth buying..

  42. Anish

    Tangle free with this one

  43. Amna

    Good buy

  44. Darshana

    After a weeks use, I could feel the change.My hair became soft and easier to comb through

  45. Samarjeet

    I couldn’t stop myself to give this amazing product 5 star rating. It actually deserves it.I used varieties of serum before this, but none of them will match its quality.

  46. Rajnandini

    It is nice but wish they had a smaller bottle too. I liked it but did not suit my sister, maybe because she has thin, fine hair.

  47. Anchal

    One of the best serum.

  48. Pradeepta

    Perfect serum for dryness & roughness.

  49. Sarda

    Totally worth it

  50. Stella

    I use this serum usually after blow drying. My hair looks nice after applying this no frizz n no tangles

  51. Varuna

    These days, my 10year old realized that it de-tangles hair and wants to use it to avoid the pain from all the knots. It’s good to keep flyaways check and makes combing easier too.

  52. Komal

    The smell is amazing and it softens the hair and frizz free. Use little only as too much can make hair look oily.

  53. Mousumi

    I like how this serum is non sticky and very small amount is required to use.

  54. Sabari

    One of the best serums I have used, I prefer this more than the moroccon oil one also.

  55. Lavani

    It is anti frizz for sure

  56. Gauri

    I recently ordered it for my mom, she really needed something for her hair which can fix her hair on crown area. This does a good job.

  57. Pushpa

    Gives shiny and frizz free hair.

  58. Komali

    Did not suit me but my girls love it.

  59. Sunithi

    Amazing smell. De-tangles hair instantly.

  60. Ushma

    Nice,non sticky and better results with its own brand conditioner and shampoo

  61. Maya

    My hair is wavy and this serum enhances it even more. Have never seen my hair look so prim and proper.

  62. Monika

    no more breakage coz of tangles

  63. Devika

    It is anti frizz for sure

  64. Sayami

    Not only for frizzy hair hair but good as a serum for everyone also

  65. Jeshika

    Lightweight and smells great.

  66. Sumaya

    Loved this serum. Amazing result

  67. Manpreet

    Lightweight and hair feels easy breezy and smells wow

  68. Diksha

    No frizzyness after applying a small amount to hair, non-greasy & mildly fragrant product.

  69. Rita

    This serum is too good. I like it most because it is non sticky and helps keep frizzy hair in check

  70. Kanika

    Lightweight and smells great.

  71. Sameera

    Controls static hair but have to apply everyday.

  72. Rashi

    Nice serum

  73. Drisha

    It is as good or better than the expensive, imported ones. Lasts long too.

  74. Manasi

    I have noticed that my hair is much more manageable since using this serum.

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Benefits of
Anti-frizz Hair Serum:

  • Keeps hair frizz free
  • Prevents knots and tangles
  • Light and non-sticky
  • Makes hair soft


Do I need to use this only after I wash my hair?

Yes, it works best when used on damp hair. But if you have very dry hair, you may use it on unwashed hair also.

Can men use this product?

Absolutely. The Anti-frizz Hair Serum is a unisex product that works great for normal to dry hair.

How frequently should I use this?

You can use this 3-4 times a week or on your hair-wash days.

Can I apply this on my hair?

No, The Anti-frizz Hair Serum is only for your hair strands.

How is it different from a hair moisturiser?

A Hair Serum is suitable for those with normal to dry hair. It is used on damp hair after a hair wash. It helps maintain the natural oil balance of the hair. It works best for very dry and frizzy hair. Whereas, a hair moisturiser can be used by hair types. It can be used daily, even on unwashed & dry hair. It is a non-oily, deep nourishing lotion that hydrates the hair.


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