A New Year, A New You! 5 Essential Habits & Diet For Healthy Hair!


A new year, but the same hair problems? With pollution levels reaching pre-lockdown levels & the winter wreaking havoc – from dry & frizzy hair to dandruff – the struggle is real!

The Earth Collective is here to help! We bring you the 5 most essential habits & diet you should be adopting this year for well-nourished and naturally healthy hair & scalp.

5 Healthy Hair Habits for 2023

1) Say NO To Stress: In addition to all of the other well-known issues stress causes in the human body, it can have a heavy impact on hair & scalp health as well. High levels of stress can lead to weak & thinning hair, grey hair, loss of hair density, rough hair & split ends, etc. So it’s all more vital that you take concrete steps to reduce stress in your life through meditating, counselling, reducing workloads as much as possible and more in 2023!

2) Protect From Direct Sunlight: Exposure to direct sunlight, especially when you’re out under a harsh mid-day sun, can dry out your hair and make it brittle & prone to breakage. You can consider getting a wide hat, using a scarf or an umbrella to address this issue.

3) Find The Right Hair Brush For You : Using the wrong brush or comb for your hair (and in different hair conditions), can cause a lot of unnecessary breakage and damage to your hair. It’s important that you experiment with brushes made from different materials, along with the fineness and spacing of the teeth before deciding the right hair brushes for your hair.

4) Don’t Skip The Conditioner: Conditioners close the pores and hair cuticles to lock in natural oils and nutrients that are essential for healthy, shiny hair. This is especially relevant after taking a hot shower with shampoo, which opens up your pores and allows for cleansing. This step not only keeps your hair healthy and hydrated during the day, it also prevents any hair products being used to clog up the pores.

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5) Brush Hair Before Showering: This is an essential hair care hack that not many people are aware of. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, brushing your hair and untangling it before taking a shower is a critical step. This is because your hair is more prone to breakage when it’s wet. This habit can result in visibly improved hair density over time, so be sure to incorporate it into your hair care routine!

Diet for Healthy Hair

The most important thing you can do for healthy, well-nourished hair & scalp is to eat a balanced, nutritious diet to ensure your scalp can receive all of the essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals that it needs. Your diet needs to be rich in protein along with vitamins C & E which improve collagen production. Fish, eggs, avocados, spinach & other leafy greens, nuts, seeds & berries are all excellent sources of protein & nutrients required for healthy hair that you should consider including in your diet!

Best Shampoo for Healthy Hair

Wondering what’s the best shampoo out there for visibly healthy & nourished hair? Then we invite you to try out our hair cleansers. The Earth Collective’s intensely formulated cleansers with natural extracts are milder than shampoos. They cleanse hair effectively without using harsh chemicals and detergents, while retaining natural oils. Our cleansers are designed to address various hair conditions & concerns.

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