Introducing The Water Defence Spray


If you are a regular visitor to our website, then you have probably already seen our new product – the Water Defence Spray. We’re so happy to have finally revealed and launched the Water Defence Spray to such a warm and encouraging response from our customers. Our R&D team has been grinding away for months now, to create a solution that will work to protect hair from one of the stealthiest sources of damage – the water with which we bathe.

If you have been following our blog for the last few weeks, then you’ll be aware by now that there are several ways in which water can impact your hair. From dissolved solids to water temperature, there are several factors to consider before you can wash your hair in what can be considered a ‘safe’ manner. In case you missed it, you can read a short recap of how water damages hair in the next few paragraphs.

Damage due to bathing in hard water

Throughout most of India, the water that we receive in our taps is considered to be ‘hard’. What makes water hard? Hard water contains a relatively high proportion of dissolved minerals, primarily consisting of calcium and magnesium. While they’re great for your bones, these minerals are known to leave deposits on your hair that cause dryness, brittleness and damage in the long run.

Damage due to swimming

We know that some of you are water babies and that’s why we were extra keen on coming up with something that can protect you against water. Whether you like to swim in the ocean or in pools, your hair requires protection. The salt content in seawater is so high that it can make your hair dry and brittle over time. We know that chlorine is added to swimming pools to keep the water clean. Unfortunately, chlorine can cause hair to become dry and brittle, and chlorine salts can also be absorbed by your scalp. Higher amounts of chlorine can also discolour your hair and cause bleaching.

A one-stop solution for hair protection

Our Water Defence Spray has been carefully formulated with a select set of ingredients to protect your hair from water damage in all the situations that you may encounter. The key ingredients in the Water Defence Spray take a three-pronged approach to protecting your hair. Let’s look at how this pre-wash spray can protect your hair from water damage.

Veg Keratin nourishes your hair from within with the crucial protein that it needs to remain protected

Wheat helps your hair maintain good scalp health and makes hair lustrous

Olive has historically been known to repair damaged hair, and add shine and moisture.

How to use the Water Defence Spray

The Water Defence Spray is formulated to primarily be used as a pre-wash spray. Just shake, spray and wait! Apply the Hair Defence Spray to hair 20 minutes before a hair wash and your hair will stay protected and nourished throughout your bathing and washing routine.

Try it out by visiting our store and let us know how your hair benefits from it! We’d love to hear back from you.

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