Useful Insights on Oily Scalp Treatment


Nothing can match the feeling of waking up with gorgeous-looking hair in the morning. But with summer around the corner, men and women with oily scalps are dreading the season. The humid weather makes the hair look greasy. When the hair feels greasy, it seems obvious to wash your hair either every day or too frequently. But washing your hair so frequently can actually strip away the scalp’s natural oils, causing the production of sebum (the scalp’s natural oil) to ramp up. This leaves your hair feeling greasy and dirty. It seems like a vicious circle. But if washing oily hair isn’t the solution, what can really be done to treat the oily scalp?
We as a veritable hair specialist share useful insights on oily scalp treatment:
  1. Why do some people have oily scalp?

    An oily scalp is the result of overactive sebaceous glands. These glands produce a natural oil called sebum. Sebum is essential for a healthy scalp and hair. However, overproduction of sebum makes the hair look greasy. Here are a few factors that cause the overproduction of sebum:

      • Genes: Genes play a major role in determining the type of hair one has. It is a possibility that those who have immediate family members with oily scalp may have it as well.

      • Hormones: Sudden changes in hormones level during either pregnancy, menopause, or puberty can also lead to oily scalp.

      • Scalp infections: Having scalp infections can also lead to an oily scalp.

      • Harsh hair care products: Hair care products that contain harmful chemicals damage the scalp’s protective barrier. The loss of essential oils causes the sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum.

 2. Why is shampooing too frequently not good for oily hair?

      1. Washing hair sends the scalp the signal to produce more sebum. This can result in oily buildup on the scalp.

      2. Oily scalp treatment: How to reduce greasiness?

        1. Here are a few things that can be done to reduce greasiness on the scalp:

        • Keep the scalp clean: There are no two ways that washing hair helps remove excess oil and debris. To keep hair clean and oil-free, it is important to the correct hair products. For instance, The Earth Collective shampoo for oily and conditioner for oily hair are specially formulated to remove the excess oil and cleanse the scalp. They regulate the natural oils released in the scalp rather than making the scalp and hair too dry.

      Condition hair carefully: Using too much conditioner on the hair not only makes the oily hair look flat but also makes the scalp greasy.Only Apply it to the ends of the hair and not the scalp.

        • Use a hair mask: A lot of people have this misconception that masks are only for dry and damaged hair and using a hair mask can weigh the hair done. The Earth Collective Oil Control Mud Pack specifically targets oily scalp. Kaolin Clay soaks up excess oil to keep the scalp healthy and grime-free without stripping the hair of its natural oils.
        • Care for the scalp with a soothing tonic: Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. The Earth Collective Scalp Tonic is a hydrating toner and scalp energizer that can be used after shampooing. While Ashwagandha helps to restore the pH balance of the scalp, jojoba and multivitamins offer the hair and scalp optimum nourishment. For better results, follow our oily hair treatment regimen.

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