What causes dry hair and how to treat it?


Dry, drab, and dull — these are not the adjectives that you want to use to describe your tresses. Your hair becomes dry when it is not able to absorb or retain enough moisture that would keep its texture shiny and soft. Dry hair not only looks dull and lacks lustre, but it also leads to brittleness, breakage and split ends, making your hair look frizzy. Instead of accepting the fate of your troubled tresses, it’s time to show your hair who is the boss. The best way to tame your rough unmanageable hair is to find out what is causing your tresses to frizz up.
Here are a few reasons why your hair is dry and what you can do to nourish your parched tresses:
  1. Not going in for regular head massage: Are you too busy to not allow your scalp the luxury of a good head massage? A good massage stimulates the scalp. If you leave the essential oils on your head for a couple of hours, they will do wonders for your parched hair. Massaging your scalp helps to condition hair and nourishes your strands. Make sure you use hair oil that contains the goodness of natural oils like almond, coconut, bhringraj and brahmi.
  2. Overuse of heat-based styling tools:Whether you love blow-outs or curls, hairdryer and curling iron can rob your hair of moisture, leaving your hair brittle and frizzy. The best way to avoid using these styling tools is to try heat-free hairstyles. A break from heat styling every once in a while will help your hair gain its moisture back.
  3. Excessive shampooing: While maintaining proper hair hygiene is crucial, washing your hair too frequently can strip it of its natural oils. Shampoo your hair as less as you can. Instead of blow-drying your hair, pat dry your hair so that your hair to retain the moisture. Go for mild and gentle hair cleansers and conditioners. Use products that will nourish your hair.
  4. Weather wreaking havoc: Whether it’s the humidity causing hair to frizz or the hot summer that is taking a toll over your tresses, it’s time to take charge of the situation and not let the weather stop you from having a good hair day. Be it direct sun rays, humid weather or cold windy weather, you can’t let lustrous locks to limp. It is best to protect your hair when you step out.
  5. Using the wrong hair products: Harsh chemicals in hair products can damage your hair and leave them looking dry and frizzy. It is best to use products that have natural ingredients like honey, jojoba and natural oils that are good for hair. Honey and jojoba have moisturising properties that help your hair to look shiny and conditioned


Now that you are armed with all the knowledge on how to tackle dry hair troubles, start making the change. If you are looking for gentle hair cleansers, conditioners, oils and other haircare products that contain the goodness of pure plant extracts with internationally certified ingredients, then pamper your hair with The Earth Collective products. These products are blended with utmost care to revive your tresses back to its lustrous life. So, what are you waiting for?

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